Top 5 Most Luxurious Cruise Ships

Seven Seas Explorer

Luxury cruises have long been a great option for those seeking a superior way to see the world. Today’s cruise industry can offer something special for everyone, exceeding the most demanding expectations of its customers. Some companies attract VIP travelers with luxurious accommodation and fine cuisine; others offer exotic voyages to the most remote destinations around the globe. However, there are also cruise lines that combine the best from two worlds to deliver the most memorable experience possible. From a Penthouse suite to the first-class, personalized service you could only dream of, everything is possible when you are aboard one of the following luxurious cruise ships.

1. Seven Seas Explorer

Claimed to be the most luxurious cruise ship ever built, the Seven Seas Explorer is a perfect choice for a truly superior cruising experience. This breathlessly elegant and at the same time spaciously intimate vessel with designer interiors, extraordinary accommodations, and a “6-star” service can surprise even the most sophisticated travelers.

Seven Seas Explorer Regent Suite

2. Viking Star

With her chic Nordic ski lodge design, the Viking Star is a state-of-the-art cruise ship that is just perfect for expanding horizons in style. Featuring large yet intimate accommodations, a unique infinity pool, and luxurious spa options, she can proudly carry her Norwegian heritage to any corner of the world.

Viking Star Infinity Pool

3. S.S. Maria Theresa

Built in honor of Maria Theresa, this spectacular vessel distinguished by ultra-luxurious accommodations in the recognizable Baroque style is called “the best new river ship.” With her breathtaking interiors, Serenity River Spa, enclosed heating swimming pool, and well-equipped fitness center, the S.S. Maria Theresa is definitely a great option for a memorable European river cruise.

S.S. Maria Theresa Suite

4. Crystal Serenity

Often compared with a Ritz Carlton or Four Seasons hotel, the Crystal Serenity is known not only for her luxurious cruising experience but also for her solid entertainment options and enrichment program hosting famous authors, politicians, Broadway singers, and other performers.

Crystal Serenity Crystal Penthouse

5. Scenic Eclipse

How about a luxury cruise ship that can take you to Antarctica? The Scenic Eclipse can offer you even more! With her submarine, kayak, and helicopter options in addition to Penthouse suites and attentive butler service, this technologically advanced vessel is all about the most exciting expedition in your life. Moreover, such an adventure will give you just a perfect opportunity to try your Rolex Explorer in harsh conditions.

Scenic Eclipse Submarine

So what are you waiting for? Choose a ship and get ready for your perfect adventure holiday in style!