Top Tips for Showcasing at a Conference Event as a Business

Top Tips for Showcasing at a Conference Event as a Business

If you’re new to conference events as a business, then don’t panic, as these events could be a great opportunity and the making for your company in the future. Whether it’s a b2b conference or a b2c conference, both are rewarding within their own merit.

For any first-timers who may be showcasing at a business event such as a conference, there are a few valuable tips worth sharing. This will ensure you make the most out of your opportunity and any opportunities that come off the back of showcasing at an event in general.

Here are some top tips for showcasing at a conference event as a business and how to ensure you get the most out of every moment.

Promote your presence at the event in advance

Unless you’re a well-known business, or it’s an extremely popular event that takes place each year, then you’ve got to be doing some self-promotion.

Your customers and any potential customers, may not know you’re showcasing at the event until you’re promoting the business at the event in real time. By that point, it might be too late for people to come out and visit your stand in person.

With that being said, think about promoting your presence at the event in advance. Consider what posts need to be scheduled so that plenty of exposure and fair warning has been given that you’re appearing at this event.

Get the right promotional materials ready

Promotional materials are important because you’re likely to meet a lot of people who have never come across your business before. This is particularly so at international events where you’re perhaps only just branching out onto international waters. If this sounds like you, then getting all of your promotional literature ready for the stand is important.

For some, it might be a case of creating slideshows and digital content that shows up on screens or tablet devices on the stand itself.

Dress your stand up to attract guests

Talking of the stand, you’re likely appearing alongside a whole host of other companies, all with a similar intention of attracting new customers. With that being said, if there are some companies there, operating in a similar capacity to your company, then you’ll want to stand out.

Dressing your stand up to attract guests is important and should be done well enough that you’re going to be attracting all of the eyes to your stand.

Set up merchant payment services

To help encourage sales at the event, you may want to look at setting up some payment options. Rather than it being just payment via cash, you can look at introducing merchant services credit card processing done right.

Finally, make sure you’re collecting as much information from your guests as possible. Lead generation is a great benefit gained from these events so be sure to acquire as much feedback and data as physically possible.

Conference events are a great opportunity for any business, so be sure to maximize it for everything it’s worth.