Tortoise Watches


The term tortoise is usually used to refer to a kind of turtle that lives on land, although tortoises have feet while turtles have flippers.  The tortoises are covered by a shell that serves as protection from predators, just like turtles, and can measure as much as two meters.

A few days ago I was lucky enough to receive a Michael Kors tortoise watch (not real, of course, but made of resin that has been treated to look like tortoise) as a birthday present, and I must say is a rather nice piece.  Definitely suited for women, these watches can effortlessly go from casual to formal.  The dial of my watch has three sub-dials and luminous hands, and the hour markers feature Swarovski crystals.  The tortoise resin bracelet connects to a case that is made of the same material, giving the watch an unusual appearance that is timeless and fashionable at the same time.

A tortoise watch is a neutral that works with every style, and this time Michael Kors has accented it with a knurled gold-tone bezel that adds a different textural touch.  In addition, the crystal markers make it glamorous enough, turning it into a sporty watch with a surprisingly casual look.

The brown case and bracelet offer a relaxed look that avoids the harder image of other chronographs.  For a truly distinctive, undeniably posh look, opt for a tortoise watch that proclaims high fashion. The watch is perfect for any girl and any occasion, from dressing up to going to the mall.

Michael Kors is an American born fashion designer that began to design clothes at the age of 19.  He was born in 1959 and in 1970 he did two semesters at the Fashion Institute of Technology.  Kors has a simple and elegantly tailored style that is perfect for the new casual chic trend that can go from the boardroom to the restaurant and that is suitable for the soccer mom and also for the business woman of today.  Even First Lady Michelle Obama selected a Michael Kors dress for her first official portrait.

I can’t think of a better example of modern style.

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