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Tourneau is a luxury watch company based in the United States. In fact it is currently America’s largest luxury watch retailer. Its roots weren’t always based in the U.S though. Tourneau began in Western Europe in the year 1900. It was founded by the Tourneau family. They simply wanted to sell luxury watches. In 1925 Peter Tourneau came to the U.S and opened a small dress making shop with an even smaller watch counter in New York. It was located in the Berkshire Place Hotel. This location has become the Tourneau Corner store.

   Tourneau offered a contemporary, modern collection of wristwatches in the beginning. They have stayed true to their value of innovation. In fact, Tourneau refers to itself as an “ever evolving” brand. It offers wristwatches for both men and women for all occasions. Tourneau also chooses to give back to charitable causes such as the RED cause. 15% of sales go directly to RED. Tourneau also has limited edition RED watches for sale that are incredibly stylish. The Watch Gear store that was opened in 2000 was geared towards younger clientele. This is just one of the ways in which Tourneau keeps up with the times and makes their products available to all individuals.

   Tourneau believes in accessible luxury. This means that they want their products to present fantastic value, style, craftsmanship, and quality at an even more fantastic price. They could easily price their wristwatches for triple the current rate but choose not to. This value is in the spirit of the company and is why their wristwatches start in the low-luxury price range. For a wristwatch that defines style and elegance, check out Tourneau wristwatches.

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