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Montres Tudor SA has been the designer, manufacturer and marketer for Tudor brand watches (named to honor the Tudor period of England) since it was founded in 1946. Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of Rolex, created the Tudor Watch Company to provide people with the option of purchasing a watch of quality that is comparable to a Rolex, but more affordable. The main difference between Rolex watches and Tudor watches is that Ebauches supplies the movements for Tudor. It markets and sells its watches in most countries including Argentina, Australia, and India, but discontinued its sales of Tudor watches in the United States in 2004. The Tudor Rose, once the emblem of England, was signed onto the dials of Tudor watches, but has been changed to the Shield sign.

Finer Tudor models, like the the Rolex Tudor Chrono, are equipped with modified valijoux movements. Exotic dials of diverse colors and design can be found in the Rolex Tudor Montecarlo series. Many models gained plastic crystals and deeper cases during the chronograph movement transition of manual to automatic.  Tudor watches tend to be very similar in size to most Rolex watches, provide somewhat fair amount of options for men and women, and use Arabic numbers. The French Navy supplied its divers with Rolex Tudor watches. Tudor has many collectible models that would complement any serious collection. Tudor wristwatches run $800 and up and pack tremendous value for the price.

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