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Tutima is a German luxury watch company. The name is Latin for safe and protected, which is a value this company holds. The brand strives to produce durable and reliable wristwatches that consumers can count on in any situation.

Tutima began in the famous city of Glashutte, Saxony. Glashutte is known as being the birthplace of watchmaking in Germany. Tutima was the first company to manufacture German produced wristwatches since 1951. It has stayed true to its origins and maintains its headquarters in Saxony. Tutima is most famous for its Chronograph wristwatches. The company focused on creating precise, innovative pilot’s wristwatches that have made quite the mark in horology. In fact, older chronograph models are considered collectible and would fit nicely in any serious wristwatch collection. Tutima stopped production for a period of time before the founder, Dr. Ernst Kurtz, decided to re-focus his passion for the line. Confidence is what Tutima attributes to its comeback in the world of horology.

Today Tutima is still focusing on its original values and goal: to create an outstanding wristwatch for pilots. Many of their current wristwatches are high precision analog chronographs. Their most beloved model is the Flieger Chronograph. You can trust in the quality of Tutima as their wristwatches are in fact standard military equipment for NATO and German pilots. The company also offers a classic line of wristwatches for all occasions called the Klassiker-Linie and the Linie FX which focuses on innovative, modern designs.

Tutima wristwatches pack incredible value for the price point. With watches starting at $1,000, this luxury line provides a guarantee of reliability and precision. For a classic German pilot’s watch or a unique dress watch, Tutima has a model that will fit even the most particular individuals.

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