Ulysse Nardin Carnival of Venice Minute Repeater

Ulysse Nardin Carnival of Venice Minute Repeater

Carnival of Venice is conducted in February and has a variety of traditional elements associated with it Ulysse Nardin, the well-known watchmaker, came up with a commemorative watch to celebrate this festival as well as the city which is hosting the event. The watch does feature some of the notable scenes from the city on its dial. The major complication included in to the watch is a minute repeater that is one of the earlier known developments in watchmaking.

To further add to the complexity of the watch, the watchmaker included a Jaquemart complication along with the minute repeater.This feature noted for the movement of two figures on the dial increases the watch’s complexity by a few notches. When you activate the minute repeater, you can see the figures of a lady and gentleman dropping their masks. They are seen standing near well-known Venice land marks, Rialto Bridge and Grand Canal. The creation of this complicated platinum watch is an extra ordinary task and thus the watch is created as a limited edition version of 18 watches only.

Ulysse Nardin Watches With Paris Design

This is not the first time that Ulysse Nardin is coming up with a minute repeater watch. They have been coming up with such watches ever since the 1980s when they came up with the San Marco model for the very first time. The latest Carnival of Venice Minute Repeater Watch with the reference number 719-63 is much more complicated than their earlier compatriots due to the movement of the male and female figures added on to the dial. You may have seen similar moves in the designs from Paris Watches like the Van Cleef & Arpels Midnight.

The enamel champlevé technique used in the watch dial has added a special significance to the watch. The additional decoration, engraving and chiseling of the dial are accomplished by hand. The perfection and finesse associated with the watch cannot be easily replicated by any other watchmakers or technicians. It needs highly skilled master artisans par excellence to accomplish such design marvels.

Carnival of Venice is the celebration of a military victory and has been celebrated throughout the past eight centuries by the people of the city and beyond with a lot of joy and fervor. The traditional masks seen on the watch dial are an integral part of the festival. The ancient tradition became an integral part of the modern day city festivities during the last four decades or so.

Amazing Watch Creation By Le Locle

A hand wound UN-71 caliber is responsible for the operations of the watch. This is an in house creation of the Le Locle based watchmaker. The chiming mechanism of the watch produces distinctive chimes for hours, quarters as well as minutes. The watch can run continuously for two days at any given time.

The watch case is 42 mm in width and is made of platinum. If you wish to have it in red gold model, you can order them and get it custom manufactured and delivered to you.

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