Ulysse Nardin Monaco Limited Edition Watch

Ulysse Nardin Monaco Limited Edition Watch

Ulysse Nardin is proud to be associated with the Monaco Yacht Show for the fourth year in a row. As a watch maker responsible for the creation of one of the best marine chronometers in the market, they fully deserve to be the sponsor of this world famous luxury event. They are both made for each other! Again, the firm has come up with a unique limited edition timepiece to mark the special occasion. This new model named Monaco Limited Edition is another stylish design added in to their Marine Diver ensemble.

If you pass just a glance at this watch, you will notice that it is entirely meant for divers and diving. The sturdy rubber coating used on its case as well as the strap enables it to withstand any diving hurdles that it may face. The stylish blue color is reminiscent of the ambience where the watch is going to face some action. Any diver, professional or otherwise, would love its ability to withstand water pressure up to a depth of 200 meters.

The 45.8mm case adds sufficient machismo to the watch and its proud owner. The stainless steel used for creating its case is making it in to a really durable watch. A blue rubber coating is applied on this strap with the help of a complex vulcanization process to give it a unique look and make it comfortable on your arms. The shades of this blue color are artistically imbibed on to the dial as well. Thoughtful use of a wave pattern on the dial gives added emphasis to the surroundings where the watch will be used. Another interesting aspect of the watch is the power reserve indicator located at 12 o’ clock position. This self-winding model can last up to 42 hours at a time. At 6 o’clock position, you can find a seconds indicator with a date aperture. The large indicators of the model’s rotating bezel make it easy on the owner’s eyes.

The rough and tuff nature of the watch is visible even in its back side. The sapphire crystal used in the back make it visible for human naked eyes to see the watch movements. The checkered pattern visible on the coat of arms commonly used by the Principality of Monaco is engraved on the watch’s case back.

Again, you will find significant amounts of rubber on its strap. As the watch is going to spend significant time under water, rubber is the best material to be used on it. In addition to this, the black clasp and other components made of ceramic used on the strap make it in to an exceptional work of art. The wave pattern used on the dial is recreated on the strap to add to its overall feel.

In order to give emphasis to the limited edition nature of this watch, this aspect is engraved on its strap. This rare collector’s item is available only up to a total of 100 in number and is numbered in 18 carat gold. You may find more rough and tough diving watches than this one. But, you may not find such a stylish and exclusive collection of watches. This is where Ulysse Nardin Monaco Limited Edition is scoring its brownie points.

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