URWERK impresses Jackie Chan with their Watches!

URWERK impresses Jackie Chan with their Watches!

Getting the endorsement from a celebrity is something that is considered as a great accomplishment by most business enterprises. In fact, most of them spend a lot of money to gain such endorsements. Now, money can certainly play a big part in gaining these endorsements. At the same time, this is not the only criteria for gaining such endorsements. Some celebrities are known to be very picky about the products as well as services that they endorse to their fans and admirers. These people do not like to misuse the trust these fans bestow on them. As these fans are responsible for the millions of dollars that end up in the celebrity’s pockets, this is a smart business move on their parts as well. It is never risk killing a golden egg laying goose!

Jackie Chan is one of the most prominent celebrities known all over the planet. In fact, he is the most popular Asian acor of the current times. The effort taken by this actor in his action sequences plays a major part in gaining worldwide fame and admiration from people of all ages and nationalities. Jackie Chan does all the stunts of his movies by himself. As such, he is unlikely to endorse a product that is below par the high standards he set for himself, by risking his life day in and day out of his life. A celebrity who takes such efforts to provide the best results for his audience is unlikely to endorse any thing common.

In his latest film, ‘good guys’, Jackie Chan is wearing a watch created by URWERK. The actor was really impressed with the design and aesthetics of the Swiss made luxury watch to have asked for one of their models to be worn on his famous wrists in the movie. The model UR-202 AlTin is the model chosen by the martial artist who followed the footsteps of Bruce Lee.

At the recently conducted movie launch, Jackie Chan was proudly sporting the watch from URWERK. You can see the UR-202 AlTin caressing his wrists in all photographs taken at the occasion. This is another occasion that proves the calibre and taste of the actor in choosing a product that is worth wearing and shown proudly to his die hard fans.

You can learn more about Jackie Chan’s favorite URWERK watch and the other models from the watchmaker by visiting their official website here.

This is not the first time that we are hearing interesting facts about Jackie Chan and watches. In fact, earlier this year, Richard Mille, the famous Swiss watchmaker got inspired by the body of work of Jackie Chan and created a ‘dragon’ watch. As the current Chinese year belongs to the dragon, the choice of design on the watch maker’s part is quite suited for the occasion. In addition to a watchmaker, Richard Mille is a friend, fan and admirer of the martial art star and taken a lot of effort in coming up with such a quality watch in the name of the artist.

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