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Vacheron Constantin Quai de l’ile Retrograde Annual Calendar

Vacheron Constantin is brand that is known for having a high set of values. They are constantly seeking for excellence and that means to be involved in every aspect of their manufacture from start to finish. The quest to be the best of the best in what they do is no easy task.

The vast majority of the watches from this prestigious brand are ready to be worn.

Vacheron Constantin has a wide range of models that can meet any budget without sacrificing any quality.

The collection, Quai de l’ile, is one of the finest collections made by this prestigious brand. This collection debuted back in 2008, and it had such impact on the market of “haute horlogerie” that the company had to offer a special attention to its clientele.

Quai de l’ile is featuring its new masterpiece, Retrograde Annual Calendar that is going to stun the market as hard as they are accustomed to do. Vacheron Constantin offers around 700 variations of this timepiece. Vacheron Constantin has an option that lets the customer to fully customize its timepiece. This incredible option is absolutely amazing because you can personalize your watch as much as you want.

Let’s start with the in house caliber. This automatic caliber shows the date at 3 o’clock and the month at between 6 and 7 o’clock. This exquisite movement has earned the Poincon de Geneve excellence stamp which is the minimum we can expect from Vacheron Constantin.

The case can be costumed in many different ways. It´s amazing sapphire crystal dial facilitates the view from any side.

The Retrograde date is presented like a form of an arc that turns in a clockwise direction. This is a very rare feature because most watches display date in numbers. Vacheron Constantin is pioneer in this type of display, the Retrograde display.

We can conclude that this watch is a superb timepiece.

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