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Waltham is an American company that produces precision instruments and wristwatches.  It was founded in 1850 by David Davis, Edward Howard, and Aaron Lufkin in Roxbury, Massachusetts. Their plan was to create intricate and precise movements that could be entirely interchangeable.  Waltham, although no longer in business, is a company that left quite a legacy.

Waltham goes by several names, including American Waltham Watch Co., Waltham Watch Company, and even the American Watch Co. Between 1850 and its final year in business in 1957 Waltham produced over 40 million products. A city in Massachusetts has been named Waltham after the brand and preserves all of Waltham’s manufacturing facilities. The founders created precision watch making machines which they later patented and named the American System of Watch Manufacturing.

 The American Waltham Watch Company is no longer in business, but the Waltham legacy lives on. Waltham is now a Swiss luxury watch brand that is continuing the pioneering spirit of the original Waltham Company based in America. The new Swiss Waltham states clearly that the original company was in fact American and created quite a legacy. They choose to honor the founders by keeping the dream alive. Collectors will likely prefer original American made Waltham products although the new Swiss brand is quite exciting and offers fantastic value for the low-luxury price point.

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