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How Do I Maintain My Watch?

Ok, you finally have your watch and it is just perfect.  You, of course, are extremely happy and you wear it and flaunt it every chance you get.  Now is the time to make sure that your fabulous timepiece stays in pristine condition.  Luxury watches are a delicate piece of machinery, and as such they have to be properly maintained.

The first thing to do is to have it cleaned regularly.  The products you use on a daily basis can build up on top of the watch, so you might want to clean it after every use with a clean soft cloth.  It is also advisable to have your watch cleaned once or twice a year by an expert.

Even if your watch is water resistant or water proof, you have to be careful with salt water.  If you get salt water on it you should rinse it with fresh clean water to eliminate the salty residue (it also applies if you spill a sugared drink on your watch or if you sweat).  Do not use your watch if you are taking a hot shower or bath or if you are going into the sauna or into the hot tub.  Heat shortens the lifespan of the battery.  Also watch out for very cold temperatures as they also affect the watch.  Your watch might be strong and shock resistant, but you still have to do your best to protect it.  Try not to smash or drop it.

Enjoy your watch and don’t save it for only special occasions that come around only once or twice a year.  If you do not wear an automatic watch it will stop, so it is best if you wear it regularly.   If your automatic watch has stopped, you should then turn the crown clockwise just a few times and then set it at the correct time.  A manual watch should be wound regularly, and it is best if you create a routine and do it at the same time each day.  Be careful, do not force or over-wind the watch.

If your watch has a leather strap, you should keep it dry.  If you keep getting it wet it will tear and break.  Also be careful with perfumes and lotions that can affect its finish, do not apply these products directly on the watch or on the strap.

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