The Watch Makes the Man

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Man & Watch Equals Statement

A man’s watch can tell you who he is and what he is about, but the categories below are not mutually exclusive.

The majority of men are not into accessories, but most do wear a watch on a daily basis. A few may also wear a chain or a wedding ring, but if you ask around you’ll realize just how picky men are about their watches. Let me know if you think these ‘watch personality profiles’ are correct. Consider yourself tagged…

Digital Watch

Back in college there was a professor who wore the same basic outfit every day. I’m almost sure he wore one of these as well. The man who wears a digital watch is either a techie, into sports, or a routine addict. He’ll wear the same watch every day until it finally breaks down, and then he’ll repurchase it.

Trendy Watch

This is a watch that rocks the latest fashion look. If you wear it you can be one of the cool kids in school, or brag about it to your friends. The man who wears this watch is well aware of his image and wants to be trendy and hip. This is a young man hitting the clubs and going to parties. When the current trend fades, another one will come and he will surely buy it. This is not for collectors.

Sports Watch

These are the joker card. Most men own at least one of these. A stepping stone on the way to a watch with a more defined personality, they are strong, waterproof, have stainless steel cases, sub-dials and metal or leather bands.

Diver Watch

This is an upgraded sports watch. The owner enjoys a wide range of activities but is more stylish and wants a certain level of quality and aesthetics around him.

Unsophisticated Analog Watch

This is another upgrade for the sports watch. It is a little more upscale, has a classic face, and usually has a leather or rubber strap. It’s the perfect combination of rugged style and durability.

Simple Classy Watch

This is the man who wants clean lines and even maybe even a vintage or a timeless look. This watch creates an understated luxury. They are never bulky or full of gadgets, and neither are the men who wear them.


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