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Welder, the line of watches for men, was created by Italo Fontana, a U-Boat designer.  As the name implies, these are large, strong and powerful sculpture-like timepieces that convey a masculine appeal, and that represent the welding together of beauty, interests, emotions and feelings.  There are two main versions of these watches, the circular one and the square one; but all of these bold, in-your-face watches have a layered 3-D dial that gives them intensity and depth.

These watches are produced in Italy and then delivered in a unique sealed Welder box.  They are durable watches that will be passed down to future generations.  You will certainly get some attention when wearing these watches.

These watches were inspired by the surreal idea that time-space travel will be possible by 2075, and Welder wants to bring that future into our current timeframe.

The Welder watches illustrate how the emotions of the people can become welded, just as space and time will also be welded in 2075.  They represent the welding of the present and the future, as well as our connection with our own future.

The fabulous watches designed by Italo Fontana encapsulate time and offer a variety of models, while the three layers on the dials are a symbol of the layers of time and space that supposedly exist between now and 2075.

Welder offers new views and ideas that are a challenge to the world as we know it and understand it.  The shape and lines of the designs featured by these watches reveal the innovation that can be found in simplicity.

Need more proof that this is the watch from the future? When Arnold Schwarzenegger met Italo Fontana, he selected the largest watch from the U-Boat collection and was fascinated by the Welder brand, which makes you think…  How could Terminator not be interested in a watch from the future? He’ll be back!

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