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WeWOOD Watches

What would be the most extreme thing you can think about a watch? A nuclear powered watch, a bomb detecting watch, laser gun attached watch, a wooden watch and what else? They all sounds like something right out of science fiction novels, right? Can any of them ever become a reality? In fact, you believe it or not, one of them is already a reality. Which one? The wood watch is already available in the market. You may have not heard about it. But, it is a real watch as it can get and you can see the images here and get amazed by the artistry that goes behind it.

Where is this wooden watch from? Originally, WeWOOD was a design created and produced in Florence, Italy. A shoe manufacturer is the brain behind this watch. He and two of his environment friendly buddies ventured about crafting this design. The key element of the watch is wood and they have used all natural ingredients in the watch. Can you believe that? Yes, it is true. They did craft the working watch out of wooden components and it does come in a variety of natural shades for you to choose from.

One of the key features of the watch is its environment friendly nature. It is using all natural ingredients that gel perfectly with the environment. What about the use of the wood? Isn’t that going to adversely affect the environment by the loss of trees that are vital for the creation of oxygen and thus our ability to live and breathe? In order to tackle this problem, they are planting a tree for every watch they are selling. In fact, they are planting multiple times more trees than the trees they are cutting down to make watches.

WeWOOD watches are definitely going to grab eyeballs at every event the watch wearer is going to be present. These watches are available in Maple, Red Celtis, Mahogany, Coffee Tree, Blackwood, Guaiaco and Indian Wood versions. They are crafted separately to suits the tastes of men and women. There is a unisex line of watches available too. Odyssey and Moon are two of the avant-garde ladies watch designs from the firm.

Two of the men’s watches from the watch maker are Jupiter and the Date. Jupiter is made using Guaiaco wood and is suitable for allergic people due to its features. The wood used for its manufacture is thought to have medicinal properties. The Date is black in color and is crafted out of Blackwood from Tasmania. As it is black in color, it will gel perfectly with any costume that you may have in your wardrobe.

WeWOOD is offering you a great product with an amazing opportunity to contribute to the health of mama nature. Every time you are buying one of these cool watches, you are effectively planting a tree as well. And, in case you throw away the watch later, there is nothing harmful in it to harm the environment.

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