What Are the World’s Rarest Diamonds?

fancy colored diamonds

Diamonds are beautiful, valuable, powerful, and undoubtedly meaningful. No wonder, they are the most common gems used for the creation of fine jewelry pieces and high-end luxury watches. Moreover, the largest and the rarest diamonds are sold by auction houses for hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars. This is especially true for fancy colored diamonds that are produced by very few mines. In fact, such precious stones are so unique that they are often sold long before they are cut and polished. So what are these exceptional gems?

1. Green diamonds

Ranging from Faint Green to Fancy Deep, natural green diamonds are some of the rarest in the diamond family, which makes them greatly admired and highly valued. They can be found with pure green color, like the famous Dresden Green Diamond, but most often they contain one or several secondary hues.

Green diamonds

2. Orange diamonds

Since Gemological Institute of America rarely grades diamonds as pure orange, such gems are in high demand, especially by diamond collectors. The perfect example of these precious stones is the Pumpkin Diamond rated in color as Fancy Vivid Orange. However, even though orange diamonds with the secondary hues are not so rare, they are no less charming.

Orange diamonds

3. Pink diamonds

Due to their feminine color, passionate look, and vibrant beauty, natural pink diamonds are highly desired by women of all age groups. One of the most famous gems in this diamond group is the Graff Pink. Once belonged to Harry Winston, it was eventually sold for a record-breaking $46 million.

Pink diamonds

4. Blue diamonds

Ranging from Fancy to Deep Blue, natural blue diamonds are not only some of the rarest but also some of the most fascinating gems in existence. Their unusual chemical makeup makes them a true natural phenomenon. A good example here is the renowned Hope Diamond.

Blue diamonds

5. Red diamonds

Red diamonds are the rarest in the world, but keep in mind that you will hardly find a single pure red diamond. Gems of this diamond group are rather brownish red or purplish red, which, however, does not understate their value and beauty. The Brazilian Hancock Red Diamond is a perfect proof of that.

Red diamonds

Being extremely rare, naturally colored diamonds are the most valuable gems in the world. To own one means to underline your high social status and impeccable taste, not to mention that it is undoubtedly a very good investment.