What Does It Take to Be an Artist? 3 Steps to Start an Art Career

Art career

When you were a child, what was your dream for the future? Many would exclaim, “I wanted to be an artist!” Like many childhood dreams, the desire to be a painter or sculptor fades away with time. But what if one day you decide to try your hand at painting? Will it be difficult to start an art career then?

Art career

The art of being an artist

Without a shadow of a doubt, being an artist is a real job requiring every aesthetics seeker a good deal of creativity, skills, and patience. The outcome of your hard work, however, will be seen only in the future. As a result, many people give up before they can achieve the necessary level of recognition. That is why every person pursuing an art career should be well aware of the challenges awaiting them in the future. A positive and pragmatic approach is what you need.

3 steps to start an art career

1. Don’t objectify art

A career in art works on the same principles as other careers. All that you need is hard work, motivation, and strategy. Once your artworks get exhibited at the group art show, you should not feel privileged. You are a real artist, but you just do your job.

Art career

2. Decide on education

Yes, artists do not require any formal education, but it does not mean you should not either. In fact, many artists, at least, have a bachelor’s degree in art. However, it is still up to you whether you need an education or not.

3. Find your artistic voice and explore it

Before your start buying art supplies and developing your techniques, you have to listen to your artistic voice. What do you like more, abstract expressionism or fauvism? Or maybe you prefer fine art photography? First, explore your inner self.

Despite the difficulties, being an artist is worth every effort, so do not let others shatter your dream. Follow the steps, and the art career path will definitely bring you more joy and fulfillment.