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What Makes a Good Art Logistics Company: 5 Essential Qualities

With the rapid development of the art market, fine art logistics has grown into a cutting-edge industry. Nowadays, it provides a bunch of comprehensive services to artists, art collectors, and different art institutions. As it usually happens, if you need help with the transportation or installation of artworks, you turn to fine art specialists. But what makes good fine art shippers? And what indispensable qualities should every logistics company have? Find the answers below.

Art Logistics Company

5 essential qualities of a good art logistics company

1. Long professional experience

Experience is an unmistakable sign showing that a company that you want to hire has been in the business for many years, and for a good reason. Not only does it reflect the competence of art shippers, but it also demonstrates their strong work ethic.

2. Excellent reputation

If you do not take offers at face value, you should look for reputable organizations. Trust and reputation are hard to earn but easy to lose. That is why many companies try to keep their names clean, which is definitely an essential professional quality.

3. Great customer service

When you ship paintings or sculptures, you need to get in touch with a company from time to time. That is why reliable customer service is an inalienable part of your successful shipping experience.

4. Shipping options

The more shipping options you have, the better. You might want to find an art logistics company providing various art services that may come in handy. Such an approach has proven to be more effective, as it allows finding better solutions to complex situations.

5. Free quote

A free shipping quote might seem a trifle, but, in fact, it has both symbolic and practical value. You would not want to spend money on multiple quotes, would you?

Now you know what qualities make a good fine art logistics company. Always keep them in mind when choosing art specialists, and do not let slogans influence your choice!

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