What to Consider When Choosing Luxury Diamond Watches?

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Luxury diamond watches are much more than just high-quality timepieces used for tracking the time. They are rather about letting others know that you have already achieved certain success in life. In other words, luxury watches encrusted with diamonds are a beautiful symbol of high social status and prosperity, not to mention that they are true jewelry masterpieces that can easily underline any of your outfits. However, choosing a perfect diamond watch requires knowledge and even some research, especially if you are going to buy it from an online retailer. So what to consider when choosing luxury diamond watches?

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Diamond types

First of all, it is important to understand what type of diamonds you are buying. Obviously, if the price of the chosen diamond luxury watch is too low to be true, most likely this timepiece is decorated with simulants (e.g. moissanite or cubic zirconia). Keep in mind that such stones can become dull or even crack over time. If you want to have something truly valuable and durable, look for high-end watches with natural diamonds distinguished by their unique physical properties and unmatched beauty. Synthetic diamonds can also be an option, though they are not as valuable as natural gems.

Diamond quality

Even though it is always better to consult a specialist before buying luxury diamond watches, there are still several things you can check yourself:

  • Carat. Carat indicates the weight of the diamond. In most cases, it is a total weight of all the diamonds used to decorate a luxury watch.
  • Clarity. Diamond clarity refers to inclusions or blemishes. Its scale ranges from FL (flawless diamonds with no inclusions) to I3 (diamonds with obvious inclusions that can affect their durability).
  • Color. Most diamonds come in white color, sometimes with a yellow tint. This is measured on a GIA diamond color scale from D (most valuable colorless diamonds) to Z (diamonds with light color). However, there are also natural colored diamonds that are usually referred to as “fancy.” Such gems are very rare and, therefore, very valuable.
  • Cut. Diamonds used for decorating watches can also vary in cut. The more facets the diamond has, the brighter its appearance and the higher its cost. Thereby, learn more about diamond cuts and shapes before making any purchase.

Finally, when choosing luxury diamond watches, pay your attention to the case and bracelet material. It is recommended to buy gold and platinum models as they make better investments, though stainless steel and ceramic watches also look great when decorated with these shining gems.