The “Kendrick” from Xetum Watches

xetum watches

Xetum Watches Primarily Focus On Selling Watches Over the Internet

Xetum is a US based watchmaker based in San Francisco and has come up with the third watch from the brand. This latest offering is called the Kendrick and is designed based on an automobile theme. They always use mechanical watch movements made in Switzerland and love to come up with lugless and modern case designs. As a 21st century watch, they were primarily focused in selling their watches over the internet. In fact, this was the only way for you to lay your hand on Xetum watches. But, many avid horologists prefer to look at the real watch, feel it in their hands and then make up their mind to purchase it or not. Xetum watches also understood the feelings of these customers and recently started selling their designs through select retail outlets.

The earlier two models from Xetum watches were appropriately named as Tyndall and Stinson. The name Kendrick looks like a slight departure from the old naming convention followed by the new age watchmaker. Unlike the prior model names that are chosen after places in or around San Francisco, the new model is named after a summit in Yosemite. Even though they say they came up with the design based on an automotive theme, you may find it hard to locate any obvious design elements pertaining to that theme. Hip and cool customers would find the Kendrick to be a nice fit to blend perfectly with their colorful dress items.

Xetum Watches are Coming Out with 3 Models of the Kendrick

Xetum watches are coming out with three models of the Kendrick. Again, each of these models can be chosen in either NATO style strap or rubber strap. Thus, you have six versions of the watch to choose in the model. The available choices for the dial colors are black, white and one with a combination of electric blue and black shades. Of the three, the one with the shades of blue has a uniqueness associated with it.

xetum watches

Xetum watches is not altering the case design that they used in their prior models. They are probably sticking with the case that is providing them with success already. At 40 mm in size, the case may be a bit small for your liking. But, you can understand the cautious approach on the part of Xetum watches not to tamper a lot with the case design that worked its magic for the firm. Why unnecessarily change something that is already working well? Of course, the fresh dial and the colorful strap options add to the variety offered by the watchmaker.

Xetum Watches is not Altering Their Case Design

The latest model from Xetum watches is water resistant up to a depth of 100 meters. The watch movement powering it is an ETA 2824. The case back of the Kendrick is not circular in shape and hence is made with mineral crystal. This is due to the high cost of sapphire crystals made in non-circular shape. As is their habit, all versions of Xetum watches are available at the same price, $995 each.

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