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Zenith El Primero Striking 10th Platinum Chrono Watch

Zenith is one of the oldest Swiss watchmaking brands. This company was founded in 1865 by 22-year old Georges Favre-Jacot, watc master whose dream was to create the most accurate and reliable watch in the world. In 1911 Georges Favre-Jacot renamed the company, having given it the name of the most difficult mechanism created by him – Zenith. Today the brand continues to follow victorious traditions of the great master. Zenith produces the most accurate and reliable luxury watch, as well as Georges Favre-Jacot wished to make.

El Primero is the most famous mechanism for all history of the brand. It is well known to each connoisseur of watch art. Now El Primero is is the most accurate mechanism in the world that is produced in series. Its secret consists in oscillation frequency of balance. In other mechanisms the balance usually makes 8 semi-oscillations per second, in the El Primero it makes 10 semi-oscillations. So, those watches that are equipped with this mechanism are just extremely accurate. And Zenith El Primero Striking 10th is not exception.

This wrist watch strikes the attention with the first sight. It possesses all the characteristics that should be realized within true luxury watch model. The core design of the watch represents the best traditions of the Zenith company. The watch case is made of platinum. Lugs and chronograph’s buttons are made of the same metal. The platinum toned luminescent hour and minute hands and hour indexes are allocated on the restrained gray dial. It has three additional dials – chronograph counters: one black, one blue and one gray.

The dial of the Zenith El Primero Striking 10th may look familiar because it closely resembles the luxury watch El Primero produced in 1969 – the model which became the first high-beat automatic chronograph of the brand. So this wrist watch is an interpretation of company’s legend. The screwed down case back has skeleton window that allows to see the fine automatic movement. The black alligator leather strap perfectly emphasizes the elegant look of this luxury watch…

So, if you have ever met with a need to choose between function and design – just forget about this problem with such a watch – it combines both features without quality compromises.

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