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Ziiiro Saturn Watch

Ziiiro has indeed amazed the market with this revolutionary form of making watches that has a fresh, clean and very interesting look. They introduced a very innovative way to display time in a clean, modern and easy way.

Ziiiro has now launched a new watch, the Saturn, which has some unexpected and interesting things that differ from their latest versions.

This timepiece’s has a unique display made of liquid crystal. It’s something you’ve have never ever seen before. Its method of displaying time is quite innovative and revolutionary because it doesn’t count time the classic way. The way this fabulous timepiece measures time is thanks to the crystal liquid. This liquid rotates clockwise like a normal watch and displays time with excellent precision.

The watch has an outer ring that makes it very simple to read the hours. Minutes are measured very smoothly thanks to the inner ring. This revolutionary way of measuring time is quite simple, and looks quite amazing on a person’s wrist.

The designer’s dream was to make a fresh watch that had a face without markings or hands. He achieved this thanks to the crystal liquid technology. The crystal liquid technology is perfect for this, because each time it rotates it changes color.

The timepiece has a very futuristic and unique display that can come with three different strap models: Gunmetal, Chrome, or black.

Its case is made of stainless steel privileged with a physical vapor deposition as well as its case back.

The backlight is definitely something out of this world, because when you press the light button you can see the whole “show” beautifully.

The case’s width is a decent 45mm and its thickness is 10.50mm that makes this outstanding watch quite light and easy to wear.

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