2009 Chateau Margaux – World’s Most Expensive Wine Currently on Display at Le Clos in Dubai International Airport!

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Robert Louis Stevenson described wine as a bottled version of poetry. Connoisseurs of fine luxury wine will agree with him. Still, will anyone spend $195,000 for a bottle of 2009 Chateau Margaux? That is the price tag of the world’s most expensive red wine currently being sold at a retail store. If you are looking for this wine, then you should rush to Le Clos in Dubai International Airport. They have only six bottles of this premium limited edition wine available. Chateau Margaux (the reputed winemaker who was once highly praised by Thomas Jefferson as one of the finest in his time) made this collection exclusively for Le Clos.

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Aged for more than a century, the 2009 Chateau Margaux is cherished product from the winemaker.

Another interesting facet of this wine is the 12 liter size of the bottles. They are called the Balthazars, and are on a different plane than their regular 750ml counterparts. It is not common for winemakers to bottle Balthazars. Even in the case of a prominent winemaker like Chateau Margaux with many centuries of history behind them, this is the first time they are creating a Balthazar.

The 2009 Chateau Margaux comes in its own ornate case. The gold engraving on this case further adds to its attraction.

If you are willing to spend $195K for this wine, then you can expect to get treated like a true royalty. They provide you first class flight ticket to Chateau Margaux located in Bordeaux, France and visit the wine making facilities. You can learn about the traditions followed by the winemaker. Again, you get to dine with the chief winemaker, Paul Pontallier.

For Le Clos, this is an important occasion to establish their reputation as one of the best retailers of fine wine. As Dubai International Airport is becoming one of the most prominent transit points of international travel, Le Clos is definitely going to immensely benefit from this new honor. If they can continue to bring other exquisite wines to their clientele, they can ensure a secure future.

Photo credit:  Wilm Ihlenfeld/shutterstock.com