3 Tips for Finding the Perfect Wedding Venue in 2024

3 Tips for Finding the Perfect Wedding Venue in 2024

Your wedding venue plays a massive part in how successful your big day is. You want something that will help you bring your wedding to life and be fit for the occasion while accommodating all of your guests.

There is a wealth of amazing wedding venues for you to choose from across the country, whether you’re getting married in your local area or traveling further afield. But how to know what to look for in a wedding venue, and how to decide what it is that you do and don’t need to celebrate your nuptials? If you’re unsure of what you need for your wedding venue or how to narrow down your choices, read on.

Check Capacity

First, you need to narrow down your search options by checking the capacity of each venue you’re considering. Make a rough guest list and look at the numbers to help you determine suitable venues. If you’re hosting a small wedding, booking a large venue with a huge capacity can make it feel less intimate and more empty. A too-small venue will leave your guests falling over each other and ruin the wedding due to trying to fit too many people in or even upsetting people because you cut them off the guest list.

A top tip for checking the venue’s capacity is to try and view it when it’s set up or at a wedding, as you can get a feel for how it looks with tables, etc. This will help you understand if it will work for you.

Location Is Key

You need your venue to be a place people can easily travel to. If you’re not holding your venue locally or where you and your family live, can they travel to the venue easily, or is there public transport they can use or a taxi service that serves the location? If guests need to stay overnight or for a few nights, can they stay at the venue, or is there accommodation close by they can book?

The location is especially important for those quests only coming for the evening part of the day. If they need to travel a few hours, is it really going to be worth it for them? There are a few things you need to bear in mind regarding the location of your venue, especially if you are signing your ceremony in a separate place from the rest of the celebrations.

Set a Budget

Every single detail of your wedding planning needs a strict budget, or you will end up finding costs can spiral pretty quickly or falling in love with a venue only to discover it is far outside your budget and you need to make compromises.

Some wedding venues will price for the room alone, meaning you need to take care of all the little details such as catering, tables, decorations, etc.; others have different pricing structures that can include various options to meet your needs and budget. Always ask what is included in the price so you can track how much you are spending and allocate your budget accordingly; for example, if catering and entertainment are included, you remove them from your budget and assign them to your venue budget instead.