Four Tips to Prepare for the Wedding Day

Four Tips to Prepare for the Wedding Day

A wedding day is one of the most special days of your life, and, therefore, it is very important to plan carefully.

For those who have gone through all the planning and are approaching the day with great speed, it’s worth knowing exactly how to prepare for the day ahead. This will help relieve stress so that the day itself can feel like a dream and not like a pressure cooker waiting to explode.

Get a good night’s sleep

A good night’s sleep is an absolute must for the wedding day the night before. While it might feel like Christmas Eve, and falling asleep seems impossible, getting at least a few hours of rest is important.

It’s good to try and get to bed early where possible, as it’s going to likely take a few hours to wind down and get settled for bed. Make sure to have a relaxing hot drink and read a book or spend some time doing a crossword or sudoku. Try to avoid going on the phone, as this can end up wiring the brain and making it difficult to fall asleep as a result.

Do any facial treatments or tanning a few days to a week before

With any facial treatments, it’s always good to get them done a few days to a week before the big day. It’s important to get patch tests for the more invasive treatments just in case the skin ends up having a reaction to them.

For tanning, it’s important to do it a couple of times ahead of the big day in order to make sure the tan is applied in good enough time for it to set and not rub off on the dress.

These are two important steps that are going to give one more peace of mind if done correctly.

Give the wedding bands to someone trustworthy

Does the wedding band go on first? Yes, it does. The more important question that should be asked is who is trusted to hold onto the wedding bands? It might be the best man or the maid of honor, depending on who is the most organized and not the most clumsy to leave them behind at the hotel.

Make sure that the person holding the rings can be trusted to show up and provide them when they’re needed for the all-important exchange.

Do a double and triple check of everything

With the final few days drawing in, make sure to do a double and triple check of everything. It’s important to do this because if not, then it could result in something being missing, and chances are, it might be noticeable on the day.

By checking and then triple-checking the list of must-haves, you will ensure the venue and all the bridal parties have the required items needed for the day ahead.

With that being said, get ready for the most magical and wonderful day that will forever be cherished and remembered.