5 Best Hong Kong Museums You Should Visit This Year

5 Best Hong Kong Museums You Should Visit This Year

Five Best Hong Kong Museums You Should Visit This Year

Hong Kong is one of the world’s best art capitals in the world. It is considered a high-tech city where state-of-the-art technologies and traditions coexist in harmony. More and more tourists visit the “Pearl of the Orient” with each new year as it is becoming more open to foreigners. If you love contemporary art and you want to find out more about Chinese culture and Asian crafts overall, Hong Kong is right up your alley. Here are the five best Hong Kong museums you will want to visit to ascertain the beauty and aesthetics of this magical city.

1. Hong Kong Museum of Art

The first and main art institution of Hong Kong, HKMoA holds a collection of over 17,000 items. The museum exhibits mainly consist of paintings, sculptures, and works of calligraphy from all over the world.

2. Hong Kong Arts Centre

The main rival of the HKMoA, Hong Kong Arts Centre offers visitors a more diverse experience. Visual arts, video art, films, and performances are all part of the program.

3. Hong Kong Heritage Museum

If you are looking for Hong Kong museums focusing on history and culture, visit Hong Kong Heritage Museum. You will be genuinely surprised by comprehensive exhibitions of art, history, and culture.

4. Hong Kong Space Museum

Not entirely an art museum, the Hong Kong Space Museum is the only planetarium in the country. As the name suggests, the museum specializes in astronomy and space science.

5. Sun Museum

Last but not least, the Sun Museum is a relatively small private museum that substantially contributes to the development of arts and culture in Hong Kong and China. It is also part of Simon Suen Foundation, a charitable organization in Hong Kong.

Each museum on the list is well worth visiting. Make sure to visit these Hong Kong museums during your next visit to the country!