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5 Golden Rules of Wearing Fashion Accessories

Accessories are an indispensable part of personal design. Even though many articles of clothing seem insignificant, they might play a pivotal role in your final look. In the world of fashion, size does not matter, meaning that even the tiniest elements are pretty crucial. If you have a lot of fashion accessories but still do not know how to incorporate them into everyday life, you need to know the following five golden rules of choosing accessories. Every fashionista knows them, and so should you!

5 golden rules of wearing fashion accessories

1. More does not mean better

The more accessories you wear, the more unnatural you look. There are occasions when it may work, but when it comes to casual style, this is always a bad idea. The only exception is small-sized luxury rings, bracelets, and earrings, but you should know how to match them together so that you look elegant.

Fashion accessories

2. With big accessories comes great responsibility

Large fashion accessories are a good way to distinguish yourself from others, but sometimes it is too much. If you wear more than four big items at a time, the chances are that you will look like a decorated tree.

Fashion accessories

3. Do not ignore your wristwatch

Most people underestimate the power of a fancy wristwatch. The thing is that a well-picked timepiece can either enhance or kill your look. The more luxury watches you have, the more you can experiment.

Fashion accessories

4. Black footwear is not as universal as you think

Who on earth told people that a pastel outfit and black shoes are compatible? Most of the time, such a combination looks overly contrasted, which is definintely a style killer.

Fashion accessories

5. Your bag should not be a match for your shoes

There is a strong belief that handbags should match your shoes. Well, the only thing that matters is the formality and style of your fashion accessories. You would not wear an evening dress with a sporty handbag, would you?

Fashion accessories

Now that you know these simple rules, you can incorporate your accessories into everyday life and look stylish and elegant on any occasion. Good luck!

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