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Ernst Benz & Max Jamali Unique Luxury Watches Released for NFT BAZL

We live in interesting times when the traditions are not overthrown but modified and adjusted to the current realities. Several days ago, the art community witnessed another breakthrough: the world’s first NFT online auction combined with a real-time art exhibition. The show was hosted by NFT BAZL in Miami Beach, Florida. During the event, a wide range of artists exhibited their physical and digital artworks, but we want to draw your attention to the collaborative project between Ernst Benz and Max Jamali. The Swiss watchmaker released two unique luxury watches that were introduced with two NFTs by the Toronto-based artist.

Ernst Benz & Max Jamali unique luxury watches released for NFT BAZL

Ernst Benz is a prominent name in the world of mechanical watches. The Swiss manufacturer is known for the elegant design and exceptional craftsmanship of its timepieces. As for Max Jamali, he is an award-winning Toronto-based artist who uses a variety of exotic materials in his work. Jamali’s focus on luxury has made him an internationally renowned figure whose artworks are exhibited globally. The close collaboration between Ernst Benz and Max Jamali allowed both sides to take a step forward and create something truly unique and imitable.

Ernst Benz & Max Jamali Unique Luxury Watches

Ernst Benz ChronoScope Contemporary

Two automatic mechanical luxury watches – a 47mm ChronoLunar Officer and a 47mm ChronoScope Contemporary – were made by Ernst Benz and then independently enhanced by Max Majali who embellish them with diamond dust and layers of metallic acrylic. The artist also created an NFT for each piece, featuring an Ernst Benz watch in the form of a brushstroke. In the end, both physical and virtual pieces were put up for sale at NFT BAZL.

Ernst Benz & Max Jamali Unique Luxury Watches

Ernst Benz ChronoLunar Officer

NFT BAZL featured works by numerous leading artists. The event became a long-awaited link between the physical and digital art worlds, and luxury watches by Ernst Benz and Max Jamali, in their turn, formed a unique bond uniting a watch industry and NFT art. Who knows, maybe we all now see the beginning of a new epoch. Only time will tell!

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