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5 Helpful Tips on How to Collect Ceramics

Long ago, people didn’t consider ceramics to be fine art. Such status would be given much later when the public actually ascertained its tremendous value. Today, ceramics remains one of the most beloved types of collectibles among contemporary art collectors. It is preserved and shared on a par with painting, sculpture, and photography. If you are an aspiring collector and you want to start a collection of artworks, you should consider ceramics as your object of admiration and main focus. To help you begin a rewarding career, here are five helpful tips on how to collect ceramics.

5 Helpful Tips on How to Collect Ceramics

5 helpful tips on how to collect ceramics

5. Start with something small

When it comes to ceramics, size really matters. For entry-level collectors, it is recommended starting with relatively tiny, firm, and cheap items that you can get at $10-100.

4. Find galleries and stores specializing in ceramics

Not every art gallery exhibits ceramic art. If you take your hobby seriously and want to collect ceramics on a regular basis, you should find places specifically dedicated to selling such items.

3. Know how to spot a fake

Spurious ceramic art is not a new thing. Before you invest your money in anything, make sure you thoroughly check the authenticity of the object.

2. Ensure safe shipping of ceramics

Some ceramic items are really fragile and thus may pose problems during shipping. The best possible solution would be to hire expert art shippers who know how to pack ceramics properly. That is how you can avert risks and assure the safety of your belongings.

1. Make it work for you

Ceramic pieces are not just for beauty. You can make them work for you by using the items as an interior design enhancement or as kitchenware, depending on what type of ceramics you collect.

These functional tips will allow you to collect ceramics without wasting much time and money in the process. All that remains is to start collecting. Good luck!

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