5 Stupid-Simple Ways to Become an Art Critic

5 Stupid-Simple Ways to Become an Art Critic

Criticizing art is fairly easy, but being an art critic is one of the hardest jobs in the entire industry of art. How come? Apparently, giving a fact-based summary of artworks or artists requires some preparation. If you are a good analytical thinker and art means a lot to you, you might consider becoming a professional critic. Below you will find some stupid simple tips on how you can do it, but please note that the simplicity of this occupation is of peculiar nature.

5 Stupid-Simple Ways to Become an Art Critic

Five stupid-simple ways to become an art critic

Put up with the fact that it is not easy

Becoming and being an art connoisseur and expert is rather challenging. You must be ready to spend a lot of time and money while preparing yourself for your dream job. In other words, there are no simple ways to do that.

Assess the risks

Risks are everywhere, especially in the fine art market. Critics are not just random guys without a degree. To become one, you have to be ready to give up some of your free time and hobbies.

Choose your niche

Before you start pounding the books at the university or college, you need to choose your career route. Of course, you can try to become an expert in several fields simultaneously, but as practice shows, people choose only one niche for exploration.

Prepare to study

Every art critic should have at least a bachelor’s degree in art history, fine arts, etc. That means that you will have to become a student again. And don’t forget to build a community there.

Think ahead

Sometimes, though, even a bachelor’s degree is not enough. If you want to work on TV, radio, or newspaper, you should also have a good deal of experience under your belt. Make sure to work on it during your education.

Are you still here and want to be an art critic? Then, this job is definitely for you. Take it responsibly!