6 Mistakes to Avoid When Smoking a Fine Cigar

man smoking cigar

Along with wearing a high-quality Swiss watch, smoking a fine cigar gives a unique feeling of prestige and luxury. Moreover, this refined hobby has always been a tasteful way to celebrate special occasions and successes. However, while the world of fine cigars does not have any strict rules, there is still a certain code of etiquette every cigar aficionado should follow. So if you do not want to get into an awkward situation, consider the mistakes you should avoid when smoking a fine cigar.

Arnold Schwarzenegger smoking a cigar

1. Cutting off too much cigar.

If you want to achieve a perfect draw, learn how to cut the cigar properly. In most cases, you will need to cut just above the “shoulders” of the cigar’s head, which is approximately 2mm from its tip.

2. Inhaling cigar smoke.

Don’t forget that cigars and cigarettes are different things, with different tobacco. If you want to have a great cigar smoking experience, just let its smoke sit in your mouth for a few seconds and then blow it out without inhaling.

3. Putting a charred cigar in the humidor.

Since an ashy, charred aroma is not something you can easily remove, never put a half-smoked cigar back into your humidor. Otherwise, you risk tainting other cigars stored inside and ruining the humidor itself.

4. Smoking only one brand.

Arturo Fuente and Cohiba are different cigars, with different taste and flavor. In fact, there are no two similar handmade cigars, as each of them comes with its own character. Thereby, if you want to fully enjoy your new hobby, do not limit yourself to only one brand.

5. Cutting a cigar in half.

To cut a fine cigar in half, even if you want to share it with your friend, is a very bad idea. First of all, the wrapper is sure to unravel. Secondly, since the tobacco in one end of the cigar usually differs from that in its other end, you will lose the chance to taste all the flavors.

6. Holding a cigar in your mouth.

Always hold a cigar in your hand and bring it up to the mouth only to puff. If you hold it in your mouth, clenching between the teeth, you will look ridiculous.

Finally, don’t tell other people what cigars they should smoke. Tastes differ so that everyone can be free in his or her choices. Have a nice smoke!