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6 Styling Hacks to Stay Warm and Chick This Winter

Most people consider winter and style incompatible. You either choose comfort or style. However, what if we told you that looking classy on chilly days is not just for fashion bloggers? Here are 6 styling hacks to ensure you stay chick and warm this winter.

6 Styling Hacks to Stay Warm and Chick This Winter

6 styling hacks to stay warm and chick this winter

1. Turtlenecks

Turtlenecks are number one in building a comfortable and stylish winter outfit. There are plenty of cool turtlenecks in different colors and styles on the market. For chilly days, wear a thin turtleneck under a thicker one.

2. Long socks

Stylish socks are back in fashion! They are also a key element for keeping you comfortable and warm. You can hide long socks behind tall winter boots or show them combined with boots and tweed miniskirts.

3. Tall boots

One of the styling hacks is wearing tall boots. Not only do they hit well, but they also can help you look less bulky. If you do not want to wear warm boots, double up on high socks underneath to stay warm.

6 Styling Hacks to Stay Warm and Chick This Winter

4. Accessories

There are special rules for selecting winter fashion accessories. Here are just some of them.

  • Wear a shawl or scarf over your coat
  • Replace dangling earrings with bulky and bright studs
  • Wear bright berets, fur hats, and warm panama hats
  • Pair a warm scarf with mittens
  • Wear thermal stockings under skirts
5. Thermal tights

No one will see your thermal tights under layers of clothing, but they will keep you warm during cold winter days. So buy a pair in advance!

6. Layers

Layering is vital for winter survival. Besides, it is one of the hottest fashion trends this year. Wear thin fabrics under tight or oversized clothes. Thus, you will create a classy look and keep warm.

These were 6 styling hacks for looking awesome even on cold and snowy days. Try them this winter!

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