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A Quick Guide to Shipping Fine Books and Manuscripts

At first glance, shipping fine books and manuscripts does not seem as dreadful and complicated as, for example, shipping paintings. Without a doubt, books and other pieces of this kind require comparably less specialty knowledge and skills. However, it does not mean that you should treat the process light-mindedly.

If you are looking for help, you are in the right place because today we are going to give you a quick but rather informative guide to shipping fine books and manuscripts, which will help you arrange everything accordingly.

A Quick Guide to Shipping Fine Books and Manuscripts

A quick guide to shipping fine books and manuscripts

Set a budget and buy quality packaging materials

It is better to start by mapping out your budget to understand what types of materials and boxes you can and should buy. To ensure safety, pick only high-quality shipping boxes, packing tape, and padding materials, among others.

Wrap and pack the items in a shipping container

With all the necessary materials on your hands, you can proceed to pack your items. Make sure that the size of the box is commensurate with the size of fine books and manuscripts, though there should be a little more space so that you can pad it with bubble wrap or wrapping paper.

Seal the box and attach a shipping label

After you have packed the books, you need to seal the box with packing tape. If needed, print a free shipping label and attach it to the box.

Hire shippers to ship your package

Working with a professional shipping company is a must if you are aiming for a successful shipment. It is especially true when you deal with valuable manuscripts. In such a case, it would be relevant to go for white glove movers who can pack and ship your exceptional belongings the way they deserve.

This quick guide will help you achieve the most desirable results without putting in much effort when you buy fine books either from a local store in your town or a respected auction house.

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