Abstract Paintings by Vian Borchert: New Art Show in NYC, and More

Abstract Paintings by Vian Borchert: New Art Show in NYC, and More

Vian Borchert is an established and incredibly prolific artist who is well-known for her abstract paintings of landscapes and skyscapes. Today, we are delighted to tell you about the new art shows where you can see her beautiful works. Whether you are in New York, Texas, or Maryland, or you prefer virtual exhibitions to real-life ones, there is a way for you to experience Vian Borchert’s talent in person.

Abstract Paintings by Vian Borchert: New Art Shows in NYC, and More 

In New York, Vian Borchert is exhibiting her new painting Silver Lining at “Art=Healing,” an exhibition dedicated to celebrating the renowned performance artist Linda Mary Montano. Silver Lining is an abstract work that reflects the artist’s search for peace and hope during times of hardship. The contrasting dark and light brush strokes show the incessant struggle between light and shadow that all people have within them. You can find Vian Borchert’s painting at the Lamb Center located at 41 Market Street Saugerties, NY. The show will be on view through November 19.

Abstract Paintings by Vian Borchert: New Art Show in NYC, and More

New York is not the only city that is currently showcasing Vian’s work. In Brownsville, Texas, one of her pieces is on view as part of the 48th International Art Exhibition at the Brownsville Museum of Fine Art. The show is open until November 10.

“UNDERCURRENT,” an eco-art exhibition at the Gallery at CCBC Essex (The Community College of Baltimore County), presents artworks depicting the Chesapeake Bay. One of Vian Borchert’s abstract paintings, Dark Waters, can be viewed there until December 1. The gallery is located at 7201 Rossville Boulevard, Baltimore, MD.

Marylanders also have a unique chance to visit Vian Borchert’s solo art show, titled “ELEVATION,” at the Framer’s Choice Gallery in Gaithersburg. Her series of new ephemeral abstract paintings urges the viewer to think past the constraints of space. Vian’s pieces are not exactly skyscapes, landscapes, or seascapes; instead, they transport the audience into an entirely different world, where the spiritual matters more than the physical. You can visit the Framer’s Choice Gallery at 402 Main Street, Gaithersburg, MD. A 3D virtual tour of “ELEVATION” is also available at the KUNSTMATRIX online exhibition space.

The 300Magazine team loves Vian Borchert’s work and always looks forward to seeing her new art pieces. We are excited to collaborate with the artist and wish her the best of luck with her artistic pursuits.

Photo courtesy of Vian Borchert