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Animal Art: 3 Animals That Can Paint Better Than You

People are not unique in their ability to create art. Of course, our exceptional neurobiology and ability to process and recognize complex speech make us evolutionary higher than our wild neighbors. However, when it comes to art, some animals can paint great masterpieces too and thus should be regarded as serious competitors. Joking apart, here are three animals that can probably paint better than you. So let’s take a closer look at the world of animal art!

Animal art: 4 animals that can paint better than you

1. Chimpanzees

Chimpanzees are the humans’ closest living relatives in the animal kingdom. We share about 99% of our DNA. Maybe that is why chimpanzees are the most successful artists among other animals. The chimp named Congo (1954–1964) is arguably the most successful painter as of today. He even had his own style called “lyrical abstract impressionism.”

Animal art

2. Dolphins and beluga whales 

Dolphins and beluga whales are taught to paint under the guidance of instructors. These animals are known for their intelligence and impressive memory that help them copy a painting after seeing the original. This ability is frequently used in some dolphin shows. 

Animal art

3. Elephants

You must have heard about elephant artists of Thailand. Well, the truth is that elephants are taught to hold a brush, but the lessons are, in a literal sense, painful. When baby elephants are separated from their mothers, they are trained to do unnatural things through pain and suffering. It is not an inspiration but a stick that makes them paint. This information needs to be shared among tourists who pay for violence.

Animal art

The nature of animal-made art has yet to be explored. Biologists started studying the relationship between non-human primates and art back in the 1950s. The intrinsic drive for creativity is the most common explanation of why animals paint. Whether we understand it or not, animal art remains a highly unique contribution to the world of contemporary art.

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