Can Modern Furniture Be Art: Advancing the Arguments

Can Modern Furniture Be Art: Advancing the Arguments

Many people think of modern furniture as something casually beautiful, practical, and, most likely, purposeful. But have you ever considered it as a distinct form of art, which has its own niche in the world of contemporary high aesthetics? There is a great deal of debate surrounding this particular topic, and the truth has yet to be found and finalized. Let’s take a moment to put forward the arguments for analyzing long-standing controversy.

Can Modern Furniture Be Art: Advancing the Arguments

Can modern furniture be art?

Why is furniture art?

If you set aside the practical aspect of the furniture, the only thing that remains is pure beauty, aesthetics. That’s how an ordinary chair can become an object of exquisite art. Also, artists usually play on the idea of furniture by creating artworks that conceptually remind you about furnishings.

Furthermore, contemporary fine art sculptors usually blend different media, which creates a unique feeling of synergy. There is no wonder that wooden furniture of unusual shape can be both comfy and aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

Can Modern Furniture Be Art: Advancing the Arguments

Why is furniture NOT art?

As for the contrary argument, people like to consider art as the receptacle of personal experience and knowledge. Apparently, modern furniture cannot fulfill such demands easily. The reason why a table will never become a piece of art is the purpose. What is a table without its basic functions? Probably nothing useful.

Even if you buy some fine rugs or a marble wardrobe, they can hardly become as valuable as common works of art. Despite the construction materials, people cannot categorize items right since they have a widely-held perception.

To sum it up

Whether modern furniture is high art or not is a compelling issue indeed. One thing is for sure, furnishings will always remain an essential part of human homes that exist to provide their inhabitants with warmth and comfort.