Candle Trends in 2022: Materials, Shapes, and Scents

Candle Trends in 2022: Materials, Shapes, and Scents

If you want to decorate your home effectively but unobtrusively, pay attention to the candle trends of this year. It is a perfect minimalistic element that can add a nice touch to your space.

Top Candle Trends in 2022

Organic candles

Organic candles, and especially soy wax candles, are not a novelty, but they still stay on top due to ecological and natural tendencies. Soy candles don`t leave a carbon footprint or marks on furniture, and they burn longer.

Candle Trends in 2022: Materials, Shapes, and Scents

Botanical candles

Botanical candles are also all about ecological and healthy ingredients. The flavors in such candles are different herbs instead of synthetic ones. Flowers and herbs are ground and added to candle wax in candle forming.

Body- and head-shaped candles

Women- and men-shaped candles are one of the most popular candle trends in 2022. They have different colors, sizes, and levels of detailing, but all of them look elegant, stylish, and minimalistic. Such candles can decorate a living room or bathroom in a very original way.

Candle Trends in 2022: Materials, Shapes, and Scents

Aroma candles

Candles with scents promptly type popularity. Perhaps, the time will soon come when candles without a scent will be considered something unnatural and wrong. According to the research, the annual growth rate of aroma candles from 2021 to 2027 is expected to be 4,74%. According to another source, this number will be about 8,18% for the period of 2021-2025. The scent of a candle immerses you in a special state and sets the tone of your mood. It is capable of toning or making a romantic atmosphere of the home’s comfort.

Aromatic Candle Trends

Fresh scents

It is a special fragrance line for those who have a remote job. Scents of orange, lemon, lemongrass, eucalyptus, and rose water allow to create a working atmosphere at home.

Scents of relax

This scent category is produced for creating peace mood. The popular scents of such candles are bamboo, vanilla, chamomile, and lavender.

Candle Trends in 2022: Materials, Shapes, and Scents


The increasing interest in candles seems very logical. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic and isolation, people have become interested in the purchase of minimalistic decoration items to diversify the atmosphere.

The main leitmotif of the candle trends in 2022 is their sustainability. Natural materials become more and more popular. These are bamboo fuse, natural essential oil, and plant origins wax, among many others. Candle shapes are also about the naturalness and simplicity of forms.