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Captivating Geometric Abstract Art by Stephen Cimini

No matter how much time you spend gazing at geometric abstraction, you will never be able to unfold all the secrets of its composition. The authenticity of the idea, along with its complex underlying realization, is what makes geometric abstract art a genuinely captivating eyeful. If you want to dig deeper into the nature of architectural precision, you just have to get acquainted with the work of Stephen Cimini, an American award-winning artist creating balanced abstractions with no discernible patterns.

Captivating Geometric Abstract Art by Stephen Cimini

“ONYX meets Selenite” from Embracing Boundaries series

Captivating geometric abstract art by Stephen Cimini

Stephen Cimini hails from Williamsport in Pennsylvania. He studied at the San Francisco Art Institute and the School of Visual Arts in New York City for some time, but the painter primarily identifies himself as a self-taught artist because his learning mainly derives from a lifelong commitment to painting and geometric abstract art in particular.

Captivating Geometric Abstract Art by Stephen Cimini

“Muddy Waters” from Embracing Boundaries series

Stephen Cimini’s art is an impressive architectural abstraction composed of random symmetry. Though not implementing any particular pattern in his abstract paintings, the artist has managed to create a deep sense of compositional harmony and balance. Oil paint mixed with cold wax provides a viewer with a unique touching experience. Color choice is another inalienable part of his artistic expression. For Stephen Cimini, it is a constantly unfolding mystery of impulsive and sporadic nature.

Captivating Geometric Abstract Art by Stephen Cimini

“Monument for the Trees” from Ancient Modern series

We recommend starting acquaintance with Stephen Cimini’s captivating geometric abstract art with his latest series of works, “Embracing Boundaries” and “Ancient Modern.” Though different, they will help you fathom the overall idea and concept of the artist’s architectural world of abstraction.

Captivating Geometric Abstract Art by Stephen Cimini

“Mechanical Animal” from Ancient Modern series

Stephen Cimini exhibits his works at many prominent art galleries throughout the US. He is also represented by Carter Burden Gallery in NYC, where he was scheduled to have a show this March. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 concerns, the exhibition was postponed until later in 2021 or 2022. At the same time, Stephen Cimini has been nominated for the Global Art Awards 2021 in Tokyo in the Painting-Abstract Category. At 300Magazine, we wish the talented artist the best of luck and hope to see his works in New York as soon as the pandemic is over.

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