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“Demidova Fest 2020” — A Multi-Art Exhibition at Ground Solyanka

Exhibitions come in different types: some are focusing on visual imagery while others try to provide the singular kinaesthetic and auditory experience. The moment where the magic happens is when professional artists, designers, musicians, and directors fuse efforts and create a medley of arts and crafts. That’s what enthusiasts at Ground Solyanka in Moscow did when they were creating “Demidova Fest 2020,” a stunningly impressive multi-art exhibition dedicated to Alla Demidova’s genius and her invaluable contribution to the cultural development of Russia.

“Demidova Fest 2020” — A Multi-Art Exhibition at Ground Solyanka

“Demidova Fest 2020” — a multi-art exhibition at Ground Solyanka

“Demidova Fest 2020” — A Multi-Art Exhibition at Ground Solyanka“Demidova Fest 2020” is a massive, high-profile exhibition encapsulating the tedious work of numerous exceptionally talented Russian artists, art directors, lighting designers, art curators, sound directors, choreographs, singers, etc. Why are so many people involved? The reason is quite obvious. This multi-art exhibition is a blend of different arts, which is meant to dazzle you and inspire you to plunge into thought.

“Demidova Fest 2020” is part of 15 International Festival-School of Contemporary Art “Territory.” It is hosted by Ground Solyanka, a Moscow-based gallery-workshop and innovative ground for the development and popularization of contemporary art. The chief and ideologist of the gallery, Ekaterina Bochavar, is actively impregnating the art industry with new ideas and approaches, and “Demidova Fest 2020” is no exception.

“Territory Hamlet” — a video performance you cannot miss

Among all scheduled events, “Territory Hamlet” is worth mentioning in particular. Designed as an homage to Alla Demidova’s outstanding solitary performance “Hamlet-lesson,” this digital spectacle will appeal to all those who fancy Shakespearean plays in modern adaptations. The performance will be held online on December 19, so if you want to become a part of the meticulous show, you need to register beforehand.

“Demidova Fest 2020” — A Multi-Art Exhibition at Ground Solyanka

As for “Demidova Fest 2020,” the multi-art exhibition will run through February 7, 2021. If you are in Moscow, don’t miss the professional performances at Ground Solyanka, as they are supposed to be miraculous.

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