Fluid Identities in the “Here & Now” Exhibition at JD Malat Gallery

Fluid Identities in the “Here & Now” Exhibition at JD Malat Gallery

Wishing to feel the pulse of contemporary art and embrace the latest creative visions of identity and human experience? It’s time to schedule a visit to “Here & Now,” a new exhibition at JD Malat Gallery, London, which opened its doors on June 5, 2024, and will last until July 13, 2024. The exhibition may be fairly called the pulse of contemporary artistic vision, with many cutting-edge artists represented in the glorious line-up.

First-Time Collaborations of JD Malat Gallery

The gallery is famous for featuring debut exhibitions of promising artists, and this time is no exception. “Here & Now” features the works by contemporary artists Horacio Quiroz and Mark Jenkins, which are on display at JD Malat Gallery for the first time. Both artists have acquired fame in the contemporary art world due to their unique visions and interpretations of identity. Quiroz is a queer artist who communicates the hybridity of human identity and dynamics of desires in his paintings. Jenkins is a social experimenter exploring human nature through sculpture and street art.

Fluid Identities in the “Here & Now” Exhibition at JD Malat Gallery

Artistic Explorations of the Ukrainian War Theme

Marcel Rusu is presenting his thought-provoking artistic critique of the dissonance between Western comfort and the horrors of the war that Ukrainians have been going through for the past two years. The artist’s numerous works challenge the viewers with paradoxical combinations of serene and apocalyptic images, urging the public to contemplate the propriety of self-indulgence and luxurious lifestyle in the conditions of the global violence threat.

WAAW Partnership

Another notable collaboration of the JD Malat Gallery represented at the “Here & Now” exhibition is the display of keynote members of the Women Artists’ Art Week World (WAAW). This movement has been working on broadening the representation and visibility of female artists across the globe. The visitors can embrace the art of Celine Ali, Hattie Malcomsen, and Sophie-Yen Bretez, among other talented contemporary women artists.

Fluid Identities in the “Here & Now” Exhibition at JD Malat Gallery

Explore New Visions of Human Identity with the Gallery’s Key Voices

“Here & Now” welcomes everyone interested in contemporary art in its multiple representations and interpretations. It provides a glimpse at the variety of artistic approaches and fuses the works by well-recognized artists together with the new voices in the 21st-century artistic landscape, who define the heartbeat of cutting-edge art and add new shades of meaning to it. The visitors will be treated to the richness of media, forms, and experimental approaches that inform and shape contemporary trends and determine the future of the art industry.

Photo courtesy of JD Malat Gallery