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Go Big: 5 Ideas on How to Use Large Sculptures in Home Décor

Using large sculptures in home design is not a novel idea. This is quite a popular trend seen in many home decorating magazines. However, at the same time, you hardly ever see people using oversized sculptures in their home décor. That is because people usually do not have any idea how to incorporate sculptural art in design. Today, we want to offer you a different look at the issue, which will revolutionize your perception of home fashion and help you enhance room design without much effort.

Large Sculptures in Home Décor

5 ideas on how to use large sculptures in home décor

Cozy background

Using massive sculptures as the backdrop is a simple yet brilliant idea. It would work even better with pieces made of natural materials and consisting of mild and soft colors.

Make them practical

Though sculptural art pieces may feel bulky and cumbersome, you can put them to use. Have you ever seen artworks used as towels or necklaces holders? Well, why not give art a bit more meaning?

Freestanding sculptures

Stand-alone sculptures are particularly well-suited for long hallways and corridors. A single piece can make a difference, even if it is in an empty room. You can also salute it or have small talk with it when passing through. Maybe it will answer you one day, who knows?

Large Sculptures in Home Décor

Divide and enjoy

Large sculptures are frequently used by contemporary designers to make a distinction between two open spaces. Thanks to the size, they look natural and relevant as though they were designed for this particular role.

Allow sculptures to breathe

It would be a good idea to give large-scale art pieces room. One of the common mistakes is when people just try to fill the space, which is a frankly bad idea because the design may feel overstuffed. 

To conclude

As you see, incorporating large sculptures in home décor is not painful at all. Switch on your creativity and use these ideas to the best of your knowledge. Do not forget to experiment and never be afraid to try something new!

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