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Hiring Art Movers: Pros and Cons of an Art Moving Company

When it comes to packing and moving paintings, antiques, or other valuables, words like DIY give people the willies. Moving fine art remains one of the most challenging tasks for many art owners, as it requires not only practical skills but also a good deal of experience. The only right option would be to hire professional art movers. And while you are assessing all the risks, consider these pros and cons of working with art moving experts.

Hiring Art Movers: Pros and Cons of an Art Moving Company

Pros and cons of hiring art movers


  • Safety & responsibility. When professional artwork movers work with art, they are obliged to follow safety protocols. If something goes not as planned, they remain responsible for the items that were either damaged or lost.
  • They are experienced. Experience helps experts find the least risky approach to artwork transportation, especially when moving antique furniture, Old Master paintings, glass, or other delicate freight.
  • More free time. When art movers do their job, it is your luxurious opportunity to take a breather and allow yourself to enjoy your leisure activities.
  • Lots of useful services. Except for main moving services, you can go for additional ones. For example, art insurance and art storage services have long proven to be useful among art collectors.


  • Affordability. Although service pricing varies from company to company, it is likely to cost you more than DIY. But again, you should understand what risks you may face in case of unplanned events.
  • Risk of being scammed. It is not always easy to identify scammers in the art moving industry, so you have to be on your guard when you hire artwork movers. Otherwise, the chances are high that you will be tricked. 

The bottom line is that hiring art movers is beneficial and advantageous. If you are attentive and careful when choosing specialists, it won’t cost you anything to find a decent company and move your art without much effort.

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