How to Become a Successful Artist: 3 Bad Tips You Shouldn’t Follow

successful artist

What is success for a contemporary sculptor, painter, printmaker, or designer? Does it depend on skills, experience, novelty, or some unique characteristics? Ironically, no one knows a formula for overnight success. The chances are that even famous artists don’t understand the secret of their own fame. At the same time, many people do have some tips for emerging artists on how to succeed in life. For our part, we have made a list of bad tips that you shouldn’t follow if you want to become a successful artist. Check them out!

successful artist

Three bad tips a successful artist shouldn’t follow

1. Don’t persevere if you fail often

Failure is usually a part of people’s success. If you never fail, you are either the perfect human being, or you simply don’t do anything to grow as an artist. Even famous world geniuses’ quotes prove it. Sometimes, you have to lose something to understand its value and then try to achieve it with new vigor. On the other hand, failure may be a bad thing, but as long as you strive to achieve your goals, you are on the right track.

2. Wait until your artistic talent reveals itself

Nowadays, it is much clearer that the nature vs. nurture debate is futile. While some inborn inclinations might well help a person become a successful artist, they are nothing without desire and practice. In reality, you shouldn’t wait until your artistic talent suddenly pops up. Instead, work on yourself and improve your skills.

successful artist

3. Read tips on the internet

Seriously, while tips on the internet can be an effective addition to your learning process, they cannot objectively help you. Moreover, when it comes to personal experience and success, it is hard to find a universal approach. That is why you should collect information rather responsibly.

Can all these tips guarantee success? Of course, not, but they can protect you and your successful artist career from failure.