How to Deal with Creative Burnout and Art-Related Stress

How to Deal With Creative Burnout and Art-Related Stress

Stress is an inseparable part of the modern way of life. If you are an artistic person, you might be familiar with feeling like you cannot even bear to look at your projects anymore. This could be a sign of creative burnout, a condition where one experiences a lack of energy and creativity. It is no wonder people tend to get stressed out about their art: with the Internet and social media being incredibly important tools for self-promotion, it has become extremely easy to compare yourself to others and undermine your achievements. The good thing is you are not alone in this. There are others just like you, who have learned to deal with creative burnout in their ways.

Identify the root of creative burnout

The first thing you need to do to deal with a problem is to find its root. Why do you feel creatively burned out? Is it because you have overworked yourself? Is it the pressure of never feeling good enough? Is it the lack of ideas? Once you understand the core of your creative burnout, you will be able to find an appropriate solution.

Change it up

Chances are you need something fresh to excite your brain again. If that is the case, simply taking a walk or changing your working space can make a big difference. You might also find it helpful to take a break from the activity you are currently engulfed in. Tired of painting? Try cleaning your room or stretching instead. If you need more time to rest and can afford a longer break, do not be afraid to give yourself time to recharge.

Get support

Sometimes, the issue is deeper than it seems at a first glance. If you do not feel better even after stepping away from art for several days, you might want to seek out professional help. Creative burnout can be a serious problem and, sometimes, an indication of other underlying mental health issues.

Do not judge yourself

There is nothing wrong with needing a break or even being unproductive. While you might be stressing out about deadlines or future projects, you have to remember that taking care of your health is the most important thing in the world. Your art will be there when you come back to it recharged and ready to take on new creative challenges. Good luck and take care!