How to Nail the Boho Look in 2023

How to Nail the Boho Look in 2023?

For those who are looking to change up their look and want something that is closer to a relaxed yet chic style, boho is ideal. When you see someone who has managed to nail the bohemian style, they are often naturally more relaxed looking, comfortable, and not usually fussing with their outfit.

So how can you nail the boho look without too much effort?


The chances are you have more than a few pieces of clothing, which can be used as a base for your boho style. Boho clothing isn’t tight fitting – it gives room to the body so that you can move around comfortably.

Often the key to boho dressing is going to be layering up the clothing. Loose jumpers that slip down the shoulder, with singlets underneath, and maxi skirts or wide-legged pants are high on the list too.

Pattern and texture mixing is also excellent – but you’ll find that most boho clothing will be wool, linen, or cotton, and sometimes silk or velvet.


One of the critical elements of boho clothes is the flow of the material. Sleeves will often be wider, with balloon sleeves or wide cuff tops. Skirts and dresses are some of the most comfortable around because the material is thin but in layers, so they move with the wind.

Don’t mistake the flow for things that are shapeless, though; boho clothing isn’t baggy; instead, it is designed to give a distinct silhouette and movement.


Just like the boho clothing, accessories are a lot of fun. These include stacking bracelets and bangles with sparkles, jangles, and more. Often, boho jewelry is wooden, turquoise, and made with feathers and other natural materials.

Being stacked up on the wrist, such accessories give effortless cool. Rings of varying sizes and a mix of high-end and thrift store finds would be just perfect. You can pick up ring stacks from most stores and then start to mix and match them as you wish.

A boho bag isn’t going to have many shapes. A floppy purse is usually the go-to and is typically made from cord, leather, or suede, often with a pattern, beads, or fringing.

Layered necklaces and some fabulous headbands will help put the look together. However, try not to put too much thought into it – the less effort, the better.


Knee boots are some of the best things to wear with any shorter skirts – but for a real touch of boho relaxation, barefoot shoes. While they don’t have the most fashionable shape in normal circumstances, they work incredibly well with the rest of a boho outfit.

Ankle boots with a short but solid heel can help add even more flow to your maxi skirts and give you a feminine edge too.

Now that you have a rough starting point, remember to mix in thrift store finds and new buys so that you create a boho look that is ultimately you.

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