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How to Ship Art Prints Without Damaging Them?

If you want to build an art collection without breaking the bank, the best way to do so is to buy fine art prints. Nowadays, prints are probably the most valid way to enrich your collection with high-quality artworks if you cannot afford one-of-a-kind paintings. So, you have visited a gallery, picked some worthy prints, and what’s then? Right, you are going to ship them, and here is where you are likely to face a little hiccup. No doubt, you want your purchase to reach home in one piece; for that, you need to know how to ship art prints. Though this process is not the easiest one, we have some recommendations so that you can do it without much pain.

How to Ship Art Prints Without Damaging Them?

How to ship art prints without damaging them?

Like with any other works of art, shipping art prints requires a good deal of patience and knowledge. First, there is a clear distinction between small-scale and large-scale prints. In the first case, you can manage the process on your own. Here is how.

There are two ways: with a cardboard envelope and with a shipping tube. If you decide to go with the first, you need to make a sandwich, fixing your print between two pieces of cardboard and then sticking it in the envelope. The same goes for a shipping tube, but here you need to roll a print up in the paper — so it won’t get damaged — and put it in a tube.

When it comes to big size art prints, it is always better to entrust the process to white glove movers who will handle the artwork with the utmost delicacy. Yes, it costs money, but even if you feel self-reliant and think that you know how to ship art prints, it comes down to taking unnecessary risks anyway. Do not tempt your fate and always choose security over risk!

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