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How to Sign Your Artwork: 5 Practical Tips for Emerging Artists

Signing artworks is probably one of the most essential yet commonly underrated tasks for emerging artists. What on earth can be difficult about putting a sign on a painting? As it turns out, there is more to this than meets the eye. If you are a beginner and you don’t know why or how to sign your artwork, the next five practical tips will bring you up to speed on how to do it right.

How to Sign Your Artwork

How to sign your artwork: 5 practical tips for emerging artists

Your signature is your singular trace, a footprint, and a brand name that actually tells a buyer that this is an original artwork. So, what should you consider first?

Do not try to reinvent the wheel

You do not need to come up with some bizarre and super unique ideas of where to put a signature. There are only several places where artists usually do it: the front bottom corner or the back of the painting.

Decide a type

It is up to you what exactly you want to include in the signature. If it is on the front, you might need your name or nickname only; whereas, at the back of the painting, artists also add the title, date, size, and the art medium used.

Be careful with framing and matting

When asking for art framing services, make sure a frame won’t overlap your signature. The same goes for matting.

Get creative

In case you do not know how to sign your artwork, or you find a standard signature boring, you can try making it a part of the painting. All you need is to make a smooth color transition.


Now you know how to sign your artwork, so it is time to take the first step to make your dreams happen! Good luck!

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