Immersive Installations Have Changed the Way We Engage with Art

Immersive Installations Have Changed the Way We Engage with Art

The contemporary art world is exploding with creativity like never before. These days, it is not only about the subjects that artists raise and the mediums they use. Art has literally transcended dimensions, challenging everything we know about the relationship between the viewer and the artwork. It is almost as if contemporary artists have realized that they do not want their creations to hang behind glass or stand on a pedestal. Immersive installations give art lovers an opportunity to slightly lift the veil separating them from the artwork.

What is so great about immersive installations?

You have probably heard of Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience. This 360º digital art exhibition has received a rapturous public response and toured around the world. The exhibit allows you to go inside one of Van Gogh’s famous paintings. Can you imagine finding yourself in the middle of a sunflower field or under a starry night sky? It is no wonder that the show attracts no less than a million visitors a year. But what exactly drives people to immersive installations?

They are accessible

Immersive installations are a great way to introduce a larger audience to artwork. Those who might be visiting a gallery for the first time — for example, small children — are more likely to connect with a piece of art if it is interactive. For example, Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience allows people to sit down right on the floor of the exhibition hall. This creates a more informal atmosphere, which is perfect for a first-time encounter with the world of art. Moreover, an immersive exhibition makes you look at already familiar pieces from a different, more intimate perspective.

They are stimulating

There is a reason why 3D cinema is so popular. It seems that the human brain is designed to constantly seek stimulation in one way or another. It also likes to be tricked for the sake of good fun, be it by playing pretend, watching movies, or visiting art galleries. And what could be more fun than being transported to an entirely different world just in the blink of an eye?

… and they are ‘instagrammable’

This might seem like a shallow reason. However, social media is a huge part of how modern-day humans interact with each other and exchange emotions and knowledge. The desire to share something beautiful with others is a natural response. Plus, Instagram posts are a great promotion for an art exhibition.

With the rise of digital technology, immersive installations have reached new levels of creativity. This art form is a perfect reflection of the contemporary world, which keeps creating new ways of experiencing life every day.