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Introducing the Talented Organ Player Nikita Morozov

Organ music has earned a reputation of being one of the most thrilling and awe-inspiring kinds of music art. For many centuries, an organ has been a spiritual guide to heaven for many people as the music this instrument molds is truly godlike. To wield an elaborate pipe construction and create a quintessential sound flow, one should possess exceptional skills and distinguishing dexterity. One such person is Nikita Morozov, a young and talented organ player who literally works miracles.

Introducing the Talented Organ Player Nikita Morozov

A talented organ player with a promising career

Nikita Morozov was born in Moscow in the summer of 1997. His passion for music was clearly noticeable since he was a child. The first was the musical school in Moscow, where the boy excelled in playing a piano and organ. As Nikita Morozov saw his life in music, he continued studying at the musical academy and then found his place at the world-known Moscow Conservatory, where the talented organ player studies today.

The mastery of the young musician is indisputable. Nikita Morozov is working and studying under the patronage of Professor Lyubov Shishkhanova, a merited artist of the Russian Federation. Despite the young age, the organist has already taken part in numerous events and master classes of such celebrated organ players as Gunter Rost, Johann Trummer, Vincent Grappy, and Cristophe Mantoux. In addition to his concerts in Russia, Nikita Morozov is conquering Europe with his solo performances, where he demonstrates a whole palette of musical pieces from the Baroque period to Modern.

Organ music of Nikita Morozov is a wholesome addition to timeless classical music. If you have a desire to embrace the comprehensive musical art of this gifted organ player, you may visit his next performance in Sint Jansker in Gouda, The Netherlands, which will take place on August 13, 2020.

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