Looking Inside Future: A New Abstract Sculpture by Michael Levchenko

Looking Inside Future: A New Abstract Sculpture by Michael Levchenko

It is a known fact that art has the power to bring people together. Public art, in particular, is potent because it is accessible to anyone regardless of their background and social status. The newest work by the acclaimed Ukrainian artist Michael Levchenko is a vibrant example of a piece born out of a desperate need for hope. The abstract sculpture titled “Looking Inside Future” was unveiled on June 30 in Wildert, a locality in Antwerp, Belgium, where a large community of Ukrainian war refugees has found a safe place.

Looking Inside Future: A New Abstract Sculpture by Michael Levchenko

The new abstract sculpture by the renowned artist Michael Levchenko now adorns Sint-Jansplein Square in the Belgian locality of Wildert. Levchenko created the piece during the International Sculpture Symposium, which took place in Luxemburg last month. The artwork was inaugurated with support from the municipality of Essen and the Culture Council.

Looking Inside Future: A New Abstract Sculpture by Michael LevchenkoMichael Levchenko is a Ukrainian artist with an impressive number of exhibitions and art fairs under his belt. Born to an artistic family, he has been surrounded by creativity since birth. Levchenko started as a figurative sculptor but later was driven toward abstraction. Today, Michael Levchenko has his work displayed in museums, galleries, and public spaces in over 18 countries. Among them are the Museum of Contemporary Art in Volterra (Italy), the International Sculpture Park in Aya Napa (Cyprus), and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Roldan (Argentina). In 2019, Michael Levchenko participated in the Venice Biennale, along with other artists from Ukraine.

Michael Levchenko’s style is easy to recognize. He is not afraid to experiment with form, creating multi-dimensional pieces constructed from various merged or stacked shapes. The artist’s new work, “Looking Inside Future,” bares all of those characteristics. One can notice how it partially resembles Levchenko’s older sculpture titled “Looking Inside Soul,” which features a signature arrow-like peak.

After Russia invaded Ukraine, Michael Levchenko was forced to leave his country and seek refuge in Europe. This context makes his new abstract sculpture look especially moving. “Looking Inside Future” was placed in Wildert for a reason. Since the start of the war, this city has gained a sizeable population of displaced Ukrainians. As a refugee himself, Levchenko makes a powerful statement by giving this community a symbol of hope.

300Magazine congratulates Michael Levchenko on his achievement. We hope the artist continues to prosper and create thought-provoking and inspiring works of art.

Photo courtesy of Michael Levchenko